Trumark Group provide a complete range of insulation for both commercial and domestic projects.

With the ever increasing demand for building systems with superior performance, insulation products with specific properties are becoming key components. Whether it be a thermal or acoustic, wall or ceiling or underfloor application, Trumark’s range of premium insulation solutions is structured to accommodate a broad spectrum of requirements.


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All major brands available:

  • CSR Bradford
  • CSR Martini
  • PIRmax
  • Metecno
  • Fletchers
  • Foilboard
  • Earthwool
  • Foilboard

    Reflective foil insulation panels and fire-resistant insulated board

  • Polyester

    Made from 100% thermally bonded polyester fibres – easy to handle and low allergen

  • Glasswool

    A cost-effective option made from recycled glass. Engineered to reduce sound transmission

  • Sarking

    Protect your roof from the elements with sarking. To suit a variety of climates and applications

  • Earthwool (fibreglass)

    Made using recycled glass, it is non-combustible with excellent acoustic and thermal properties

  • Air-Cell

    A superior reflective insulation with advanced thermal performance which helps achieve a 6 star house energy rating

  • PIR Underslab

    Rigid thermal insulation, designed to achieve excellent R values

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