Internal & External Fibre Cement Systems

Trumark Group is a leading supplier of Fibre Cement products to the commercial building industry throughout Victoria. We offer the complete range of  Cemintel & James Hardie Fibre Cement products, along with a full selection of Accessories.

Our dedication to superior service and technical knowledge of Fibre Cement products enables our customers to achieve better results, with less down time. This includes large stock holdings, a comprehensive selection of fixings, fasteners and trims and is supported by our industry leading processing facilities.

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Fibre Cement Key Features

Non-combustible material
Resistant to moisture, rot, fire, and termites
Will not shrink, expand or warp
Easy to work with, durable and low maintenance
Impact resistant
Fast installation

Fibre Cement Cutting

Utilising the very latest in CNC equipment Trumark Group offer a complete processing service which includes:

Cut-to-size panels
Lamination and Fabrication
Any shape or Size

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James Hardie

  • Axent Trim

    The trim for finishing touches that
    keep their finish and don’t rot

  • Axon Cladding

    Vertical grooved panels for a
    sharp and smooth appearance

  • EasyLap Panel

    Pre-primed fibre cement sheet with a shiplap joint along its two vertical edges

  • Hardie Fine Texture Cladding *NEW*

    Pre-textured fibre cement panel

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  • EasyTex Panel

    Pre-primed external fibre cement
    cladding with an embedded fine
    texture finish

  • ExoTec Facade Panel

    Durable external facade panel with
    express joins

  • HardieFlex Sheet

    A cost-effective cladding solution
    for a smooth, flat panel look

  • RAB Board

    6mm specialised fibre cement
    rigid air barrier that can be used
    beneath cladding

  • HardiePlank Weatherboard

    Fibre cement weatherboard with two woodgrain textures

  • HardieTex System

    Original blue board for fibre cement rendered walls

  • Linea Weatherboard

    Low-maintenance weatherboards
    with the traditional look

  • Matrix Cladding

    Geometric panels for an
    industrial design

  • PanelClad Stucco

    Hand-trowelled cement rendered look, reminiscent of Mediterranean style exteriors

  • PrimeLine Weatherboard

    Durable range of weatherboards for creating classic lines without the wonkiness of timber

  • Stria™ Cladding

    Strong horizontal and vertical lines reminiscent of classic masonry and
    block walls

  • HardieGroove Lining

    Durable and elegant vertical joint (VJ) sheet panels

  • PineRidge Lining

    Woodgrain textured vertical joint fibre cement sheet

  • Villaboard® Lining

    An internal lining for bathrooms,
    laundries, kitchens and high-traffic

  • Versilux® Lining

    A durable square-edged flat
    surface to create a panellised
    look in soffit, eave and internal

  • HardieDeck

    Smooth, wide Fibre cement decking board with clean lines.

  • HardiePanel Compressed Sheet

    Compressed Fibre Cement structural floor substrate.

  • Secura Flooring

    Heavy duty yet lightweight flooring
    substrate for both interior and
    exterior applications

  • Tile, Vinyl & Cork Underlay

    Smooth and stable internal underlay for tile, vinyl or cork

Trumark also stock the following James Hardie Fibre Cement products:

Compressed Sheet
EasyLap Panel
Eaves Linings
Fire Resistant Lining
HardieBrace Sheet Bracing
HardieGroove Lining
HardieScreen Lattice
HardieSmart Fire & Acoustic Wall System

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  • Commercial ExpressPanel

  • Ceminseal

  • Barestone

  • Compressed Sheet

  • Surround

  • Territory – Woodlands Range

  • Territory - Quarry

  • Mosaic

  • SimpleLine

  • Street Style - Balmoral

Trumark also stock the following Cemintel Fibre Cement products:

Endeavour Weatherboards
Scarborough Weatherboards
Headland Weatherboards
Plank (Woodgrain & Smooth)
Aspect Cladding
 Edge Cladding

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Looking for Through Colour Fibre Cement?

Trumark Group stock a range of Through Colour Fibre Cement façade boards by Cembrit.

Cembrit are a modern building material made from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials. The technology has been developed by Cembrit, one of the leading European manufacturers of superior through colour fibre cement façade systems who have more than 80 years of experience within the manufacture of fibre cement.

Featuring properties such as non-combustibility, sound and weather insulation as well as high impact strength, Cembrit fibre-cement boards are the ideal
facade material and are suitable for Australian conditions.

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