What is TPM and do I need it?

Trumark’s TPM is more than just products, it’s solutions! At Trumark Group, TPM represents not just protection products but rather a substantial system of evaluation designed to prevent damage, inconvenience and safety risks in any building site or work environment. We are innovators in the field, and market leaders in TPM supply to the construction industry.

What is TPM?

Temporary Protection Materials (or Site Protection Materials): one of the most important elements of the construction process that builders have often never heard of.

Don’t pay to fix damage at the end of a job, be proactive and use TPM to eliminate the risk of damage during the construction process before it happens. Trumark’s vast range of TPM products has solutions to protect your projects at each stage from the ground up.

In simplest terms, TPM is any item created as a Temporary Protection Material; something that can be used for a fixed timeframe to protect a surface, item or area from potential damage. However, finding the most effective solution for protecting today’s surfaces in a cost efficient manner can be far from simple. This can range from basic applications such as protecting freshly laid flooring, recently i