New online order & quote tool – Developed to save you time!

It is so simple, but our new online order & quote tool will help you get your orders and quotes confirmed faster and delivered to you.

A recent internal survey was undertaken, and we realised that our team received order details from our customers in so many different ways – phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, SMS and more, and often their is vital information we require to confirm your order and delivery that is not included, which therefore slows down our timings to confirm your order.

We are therefore excited to introduce our new online order & quote tool that is both easy and simple to use.

Your order is sent to our Internal Sales team straight away.

All orders and quote requests received are sent directly to our Customer Service Sales team who are the ones responsible for creating and executing your order.

You might be used to sending your order details via SMS or phone to your Trumark Account Manager, but they are often on the road and in meetings, therefore your order request might get delayed before they have time to send it to our Customer Service Sales Team.  Therefore, we now ask that where possible, please use our new online order form to submit your order to ensur that it is actioned as soon as possible.

Your order gets confirmed faster.

Our new online order form allows you to enter your order requirements manually, or you can even upload a screen shot of what you need – but it also includes the other order information we require to be able to process your order. Time is often wasted as we have to call or email you back to get this information before we can confirm your order.

Therefore, by submitting this form with all the required details, means we can confirm your order faster.

You can save the form to your phone, tablet or desktop.

To save you having to navigate to find the form link, you can easily save it to your phone home page, this means all you would need to do is open your phone and click the button on your phone home screen (like you would an app) and you are right there.

Click here for details on how to do this visit the form page and follow the instructions.


Of course, you are still more than welcome to contact our Customer Service Sales Team to submit your order or discuss your requirements. Call 1300 00 50 52 or email [email protected]