Mates Rates Special Offer

Get a free slab of beer for every $4,000 you spend at Trumark Group between Wednesday 16th September and Friday 30th October, 2020.*

The more you spend the more BEER you earn!

You can select any choice of the following:

  • Carlton Draught
  • Great Northern
  • Carlton Mid
  • Heineken Zero

Please drink responsibly!

You might have the opportunity to earn multiple slabs of beers during this promotion, so we remind you to drink responsibly!  You might choose to share the beers with your work colleagues, suppliers, family and friends or use it towards an end of year celebration. It’s your choice, but please ensure you drink responsibly.

Download Mates Rates Flyer here. 

* Click here to view Terms & Conditions.

How do I Enter?

Simply get one person (must be over 18 years of age!) from your business to register using the form below and you are set to go!

We will send your nominated person regular “beer tally” updates!

Please note: Only one entry per company/ABN.


Only one prize redemption per company/ABN.
Please enter the details of the business and the main contact person.
Must register by 25th October, 2020. Click here to view terms & conditions
If you want others to receive the weekly beer tally – then add their emails on the form too.
Remember – the more you spend the more beer you earn!