Trumark Group manufacture a comprehensive range of acoustic and decorative panels and tiles that can be custom fit to suit the aesthetic and acoustic needs and budget of any project.

From fibre cement to timber, metal, polyester and plasterboard, we have a acoustic architectural panel solution that will exactly suit what you are looking for.

Acoustic & Decorative Linings Range

  • Acoustic Panels - Timber

    Includes Au.diBeam; Au.diGroove; Au.diMicro; Au.diPanel; Au.diSlat; Au.diSlot; Au.diStyle; Au.diTile; Au.diTone

  • Acoustic Panels - Fibre Cement

    Includes Au.diLux & Au,diVent

  • Acoustic Panels - Polyester

    Includes Au.diQuiet Panel & Au.diQuiet Rigid Panel

  • Acoustic Panels - Plasterboard

    Includes VoglFuge & Au.diBoard

  • Decorative Panels

    Includes Au.diPanel Graphic, Mirage 3D, Mirage Screens, Mirage Graphic

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